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Cloud readiness analytics.

CloudScape helps companies to successfully size, scale, price, deploy and validate IaaS solutions by analyzing their current infrastructure before, during and after their cloud migration.


  • Enterprise Organizations
  • Medium-sized Organizations
  • Small Enterprises


  • Complete Cloud Lifecycle Visibility: See your entire network infrastructure performance through its cloud lifecycle.
  • Lower IaaS Cost: Avoid overspending on mission critical Cloud IaaS infrastructure.
  • Educated Decisions: Make informed decisions around the best cloud provider for your business.
  • IaaS Cost Modeling: Accurately model the cost of the different cloud IaaS providers.
  • Cloud PerformanceTesting and Validation: Test and validate Cloud IaaS performance before and after a migration.

What You Get

  • Asset & Performance Analysis
  • IT Benchmarking
  • Cloud I/O Workloads
  • Cloud Solution Cost Modeling
  • Infrastructure Dependency Visualization
  • Infrastructure Requirement Documentation
  • Infrastructure Load Modeling
  • Infrastructure Performance Validation
  • Cloud Performance Validation
  • IaaS Performance Assurance


You Need To We Help You
Lower Cloud Cost
  • Predict what Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) components you truly need.
  • Clearly understand how IaaS solutions will cost in the cloud vs. traditional delivery models.
Increase Visibility
  • Gain visibility to all components of your current infrastructure including network, server, virtualization, and more.
  • See your current IT infrastructure and asset performance levels so you can predict potential pitfalls when moving to a IaaS environment.
  • See all your servers in one view and their dependency relationships.
  • Get insight into what network requirements will be once you move a server (or group of servers).
Analyze Potential IaaS Performance
  • Arm your team with network traffic profiles by simulating network traffic to and from the cloud.
  • Easily test applications and server traffic across your WAN, Internet and VPN connections.
  • Ensure your network traffic loads you plan to place on the IaaS environment.
Validate IaaS Investment
  • Benchmark your pre-IaaS Infrastructure Performance.
  • Compare your pre-IaaS Infrastructure Performance against the actual IaaS performance after the move.
  • Measure your infrastructure against your peers and historical trends in an effort to identify areas within the infrastructure in need of improvements.


Best Practices

CloudScape is not just a cloud readiness analytics platform. It also is a set of best practices to help businesses prepare for public / private cloud and data center migrations. This section outlines some of the CloudScape best practices and the benefit of each.

Best Practice How It Helps
Automated Performance and Migration Assessment
  • Provides details on recommended IaaS components.
  • Details the major I/O requirements.
  • Provides pricing comparisons for IaaS providers.
Server Network Dependency Visualization
  • Provides important server dependency analysis.
  • Know which servers or groups of servers need to be moved.
  • Determine what network requirements are needed.
Validate Network Readiness
  • Replicate expected network loads before you move to IaaS.
  • Enables you to create traffic profiles.
  • Benchmarks your infrastructure to create a baseline.
IaaS Performance Validation
  • Validate whether your IaaS environment is matching your baseline.
  • Understand how your key IaaS metrics compare to your original performance metrics.


Important Statistics to Consider

Statistic Implication
40% of organizations have hypervisor CPU oversubscription.
  • When moving to a IaaS provider, you will need to consider scalability in your decision.

68% of interfaces that show drops with corresponding utilization.

  • You should look at design changes or hardware replacement to alleviate packet loss due to overutilization of critical interfaces before moving to an IaaS provider.
  • Before moving to IaaS, you will need to identify bottlenecks and apply corrective measures for enhanced throughput before making the move.
86% of businesses have Windows disks that are running out of space (>90% utilized).
  • Almost 90% of companies have servers they need to add storage to, this is an important time to evaluate if moving to cloud storage is a cost effective solution or not.
  • You need to weigh the annual cost of going to cloud vs. the cost of buying and managing more on premise server hardware.
  • For smaller organizations, the move to IaaS may offer a more efficient model and more scalability, while a move to IaaS for enterprise organizations may not make sense.
53% of organizations with VMware servers have performance degradation due to memory oversubscription.
  • Depending on the number of instances you face with memory oversubscription, the cost of adding memory, if your servers support the added capacity, could drive up your cost quickly.
  • IaaS environments improved scalability than a physical server environment.
  • IaaS would also offer the ability to add memory quicker than with a physical environment, which will improve the user experience when using applications in a virtualized environment.


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