Information is power.

Get that information with HealthCheck from NETWORKdynamics.

You have an IT Problem. With a HealthCheck assessment, you can assess your entire IT environment, identifying that problem, and any other ones, quickly and easily.

Our comprehensive network assessment also helps you prepare for change through:

  • Rightsizing your environment
  • TrafficSim: evaluate your environment and your readiness to deploy advanced applications
  • Equipment Lifecycle Refresh
  • Security Updates

Would your IT infrastructure fall under one of these statistics?

  • 73% of organizations have correctable performance problems.*
  • 47% of organizations have storage latency performance problems.*
  • 47% of organizations have VMware deployments that have CPU oversubscription.*

* Based on over 2,000 assessments completed.


Your time is your most valuable resource. Our HealthCheck assessment frees up your resources so that you can focus on improving your IT infrastructure.

Focus on:

  • Identifying critical issues
  • Mapping issues directly to potential solutions
  • Utilizing IT resources to enhance your business

Get better information:

  • Understand your IT environment
  • Get more actionable and easy-to-use deliverables
  • Cover all locations with a single engagement—no limit on devices or sites
  • Get an exclusive IT score and benchmarking information compared to over 2,000 of your peers and competitors


“It was something my present monitoring capabilities didn’t offer. It adds value, saves time and money. We want to do this quarterly.”
–Trish, Infrastructure Supervisor


“It was a critical first step to a new IT management team to become thoroughly familiarized with all of our technology, allow us to more efficiently use existing resources, validate our refresh strategies and confirm our security position–all top priorities.”
–Matt, Director of IT Corporate Shared Services


“Using IT HealthCheck helped our team confirm our readiness for VOIP and detect bottlenecks that were easily corrected and helped us to get the most out of our entire IT infrastructure.”
– Olub, Senior IT Associate



  • Receive a complete component inventory. Covers VMware, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, and more.
  • See how your network stacks up with myIT Score.
  • Discover the top industry-wide IT issues—knowledge based on thousands of prior analytics engagements.

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