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Challenge – Align BC/DR with Virtualization

Virtualization and cloud benefits include increased flexibility, better asset utilization and reduced operational and maintenance costs. However, legacy business continuity solutions for virtualized mission-critical applications impede these benefits as they are complex to manage, do not support advanced virtualization features and require additional hardware and software resources. All the benefits that are expected when the application is virtualized – lower costs, simplified management – are lost. As a result, your IT strategy is not aligned – you need to juggle a virtualized production environment with a physical replication solution. 

Zerto enables alignment across your IT strategy with hypervisor-based replication, allowing you to fully realize the benefits of virtualization. The benefits that are seen when an application is virtualized carry through to your BC/DR solution. Zerto moves replication from the array or host, up to the hypervisor, providing flexibility, better asset utilization and reduced operational and maintenance costs – all reasons you chose to virtualize in the first place, reducing your overall TCO.

Benefit – Reduce Hardware Costs

Zerto is hardware-agnostic - so you can replicate from any type of storage to any type of storage.

  • Leverage existing, underutilized storage as the replication target.
  • Leverage lower-cost storage at the replication site.

Because Zerto protects specific VMs and not entire LUNs, it enables you to reduce your overall storage and network requirements.

  • Reduce the overall number of LUNs required by utilizing the same LUNs for multiple applications.
  • Reduce storage requirements at the target site.
  • Reduce network costs and bandwidth requirements by replicating just what is necessary – just the VMs you have selected.

“We specifically virtualized in order to simplify our BC/DR processes, so when we were initially brought a solution that included manual coordination of the physical and virtual environment, we knew we were not looking at the right product. With Zerto Virtual Replication, we do not have to maintain a complete environment on the DR site, which means we do not need to manage patch levels, application versions, etc. Replicating at the hypervisor is so seamless; we didn’t think it could be this easy.”
–Atlantic Fund Services


“We were using array-based replication and being charged by terabyte. Since we’re always adding more storage, this cost was overwhelming our budget and we weren’t seeing the full benefit of virtualization. With Zerto Virtual Replication not only did we substantially reduce costs in terms of our storage, but we also increased the ROI on our VMWare investment. ZVR has everything we need to effectively protect our production workloads — simple DR testing and application consistent recovery.”
–Voya Financial


“Our customers are running their businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they require short outage windows for migrations to minimize disruptions. With Zerto Virtual Replication, we are able to cut over applications in just 15 minutes. The setup is very simple and does not require customers to change anything in their environments. Within minutes we are replicating the applications to the new location with no disruption to the environment. We will be using Zerto Virtual Replication for our next migration project.”
– Fujitsu



Zerto Virtual Replication eliminates hardware dependencies, reduces network requirements, centralizes management of your BC/DR strategy and leverages automation to reduce complexity and eliminate errors associated with trial-and-error BC/DR processes. Zerto delivers BC/DR solutions designed for your business- critical applications. Do not force-fit a physical solution for your virtualized, business-critical applications –  align your IT strategy with a BC/DR strategy specifically designed for your virtualized environment.

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